Spooky Egg Recipes for Halloween


Are you having a Halloween party or are you simply looking for spooky but healthy snacks? We’ve put together a list of great egg recipes which are ideal for the Halloween season and make a much healthier alternative to chocolates and sweets.

From pumpkins to eyeballs, check out our compilation of deliciously devillish egg snacks for Halloween:

Skull Deviled Eggs

Hard boiled eggs combine with corn chips, mayonnaise, red pepper, Dijon mustard and paprika for a spooky but tasty treat. Full recipe available at Taste of Home.

Spider Deviled Eggs

These creepy deviled eggs are made with hard boiled eggs and topped with black olives. Full recipe available at Food.com.

Ghost hard boiled eggs

This simple but effective recipe involves cutting through the hard boiled egg white to the yolk to create spooky ghost faces. Full recipe available at 30Seconds.

Jack-O'-Lantern Deviled Eggs

These cute deviled eggs are made with hard boiled eggs, flavoured with paprika and decorated with nori and pumpkin seeds. Full recipe available from ochikeron.

Monster Eyes Deviled Eggs

These avocado-stuffed deviled eggs are made with hard boiled eggs and decorated with red food colouring and black olives. Full recipe available from Scattered Thoughts of a Crafty Mom.

Rotten Deviled Eggs

These foul-looking deviled eggs taste better than they look! They’re made with hard boiled eggs which are coloured with food dye and topped with chia seeds. Full recipe available at Parenting Chaos.

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