How to Enjoy Poached Eggs at Any Time of Day


Poached eggs make a great accompaniment  to your morning toast – but they aren’t just for breakfast! Poached eggs can be paired with numerous other meals to give you a great source of protein at any time of the day. We’ve put together a list of some of the ways you can enjoy poached eggs for brunch, lunch or dinner.

Atop a Salad

Poached eggs are a great source of added protein and flavour for your favourite salad. The recipe for this warm lentil salad is available at Taste.com.au.

With Fish

Poached egg + fish = a match made in heaven. Smoked haddock is a particularly good pairing with a poached egg. You can also sit poached eggs on top of fishcakes for great flavour.

With Pasta

A great way to add protein to your next pasta dish, particularly if you’re vegetarian, is to add a poached egg. Find out how to make this spinach and tomato pasta over at Self.​​

With Chickpeas

This combination of protein-packed poached eggs and fibre-rich chickpeas is a very nutritional and healthy meal. See the recipe for this Indian Chickpeas recipe at BBC Good Food.

With Quinoa

When added to a bowl of quinoa, the runny yolk of a poached egg creates a delicious dressing, so you don’t have to add anything extra. Full recipe for this egg-topped quinoa bowl at MyRecipes.

With Polenta

Enjoy creamy polenta with a warm, runny poached egg for a quick and simple meal that’s suitable for breakfast, lunch or dinner. Recipe for this polenta available from Vintage Mixer.

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