Fun & Healthy Egg Snacks For Children


Eggs are the ideal snack and make for a healthier alternative to popular snack items such as crisps, biscuits or chocolate. Packed full of protein and nutrients, eggs can even aid in children’s development and prevent stunted growth. We’ve put together a few recipes which are ideal for children by making eggs look like their favourite animals:

funny egg fish

Ideal for a nautical themed party, these funny little fish are made out of hard boiled eggs, thinly sliced cucumber and radishes, and red peppers. Full recipe available at eggs.ca.

nesting hen eggs

To make these adorable chickens, simply fill a pastry tartlet case with egg mayonnaise and top with a hard boiled egg for the chicken’s body. Decorate with carrot pieces for the comb and beak, and cloves for the eyes, with parsley to garnish.

egg mice

Almost too cute to eat, these mice are simply made with halved boiled eggs and decorated with chives, radishes and black peppercorns. Full recipe available at Diet Doctor.

boiled egg bee

S̶a̶v̶e̶ Serve the bees! These hard boiled eggs are soaked in turmeric water for colouring, and decorated with nori. Full recipe available at Eats Amazing. Full recipe available at Eats Amazing.

healthy unicorn eggs

Ideal for any unicorn-loving children, these unicorn egg snacks are made with only 5 ingredients: hard boiled eggs, marble cheese, strawberries, parsley and dill. Full recipe available at Amidst the Chaos.

egg bunny

Perfect for Easter, this simple recipe uses hard boiled eggs and carrots for decoration. Full recipe available at Cute Food for Kids.

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