Answers to our most commonly asked questions

A: Our eggs are sourced from select EU countries; The UK, France, Germany, The Netherlands & Poland.

A: We currently cook eggs from Enriched Cages, Barn & Free Range origin. All our eggs are Class A Graded.

A: Yes! Hard Boiled Eggs are very low in calories and provide a variety of essential vitamins & minerals to the diet. They are also a great source of protein. Find out more on our Why Choose Eggs? page.

A: 17 Days for Hard Boiled Eggs, 14 Days for Poached Eggs & 11 Days for Egg Mayonnaise.

A: Yes. All our products are sent to a UKAS approved Laboratory on a daily basis.

A: Yes. We are accredited to the BRC Global Standard for Food Safety Version 8 with a Grade ‘AA’.

A: Yes – All our products, including products supplied to us comply with the directive and we have thorough and stringent supplier approval procedures in place to ensure the source of our raw materials.

A: We usually supply into Industry and use 3rd Party Transport. Due to this, orders usually need to be a whole pallet quantity at a minimum however please call the office for more details.

A: Day 1 Order for Day 3 Delivery.

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