New Product: Oval Poached Eggs

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For starters, mains and salads.

Following the successful launch of the round poached egg, we have now launched an oval, Free Range version of this premium product – perfect for restaurants, hotels and all catering opportunities. 

Again, available in easy to peel, simple to remove packaging, the oval eggs are packed in batches to suit individual customer’s needs and prepared to the expected JustEgg high standard, to ensure optimum freshness and preservation of flavour with a 14 day shelf life.

Ideal for dining, and with a guaranteed delivery time, the oval egg is expected to be used by caterers and chefs who value good quality and presentation. Simple to prepare, the tasty egg provides a welcome addition to a number of dishes and will enhance any discerning menu.

The leading manufacturer of hard boiled eggs and egg mayonnaise, JustEgg supplies to the UK’s major supermarkets and retailers; its bespoke award-winning product service has an unrivalled record for quality, including its packaging and labelling.

Simple Preparation:

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